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Graphic / Web Designer

je Vous presente les templates et les modules necessaire pour vos web siteThis is the Chroma Portfolio Template, your own little corner of the web. Easy to use and easy to customize. Stand out in a world saturated by parallax scrolling and jquery sliders with something truly unique. You aren't standard, so why should your porfolio be?

Some of my satisfied clients,


Don't be on the web, be the web.

Designing an effective website is all about balancing a clever user experience with rock solid functionality. With today's ever changing, information-demanding consumers, your site needs to be easy to navigate, offer the information your visitors are seeking and provide a unique experience that is directly tied to your brand.

Services I offer
Website Design
Web Banner Design
eNewsletter Design


More than just a pretty face.

Having a strong brand identity is not only effective, it is essential in today's competitive market. A well designed and integrated brand will bestow instant confidence in any business. Show your customers you beleive in quality by presenting them with quality.

Services I offer
Logo Design
Stationery Design
Advertisement Design


A publication or a lifestyle?

Well designed magazines can create a sense of allure and wonder like few other things in this world can. Show the world your commitment to style and creativity by presenting them with an iconic magazine rather than just another publication for the rack.

Services I offer
Magazine Design
Cover Design
Brochure Design


  • DYNAMIC WEB DESIGN Skill Level: 87%
  • E-COMMERCE Skill Level: 78%
  • SEO Skill Level: 60%
  • BRANDING Skill Level: 95%
  • EDITORIAL Skill Level: 73%
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